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Well, I found you through Pinch My Salt..so I am skimming along on your blog...Oh, NO ! Wait just a minute. Maine ! My FAVORITE place in the world !
I live in California BUT I am PRETENDING I live in Maine. My beloved Maine. Then, I see you like to bake bread. Me Too! LOVE IT ! Am on the BBA Challenge too. But I'm kinda out of order...oopps.THEN, I see the vegan thing. What ? Wait? Well, not vegan, but I am into my first week of vegetarian..and it's pretty tough sailing over here. My husband is a meat and potato guy...HUHHH?? O well,

I'll check back later.

P.S. My best friend is on ETSY.

Julie Whitmore Pottery :-)


Thanks for commenting, Kary. I know isn't it hypocritical about the Vegan thing? I'm happy that I did it for 8 months, but I'm also happy to just be a vegetarian now - at least for a little while.

I checked out your friend's pottery. Very cool!

Hope you can get back to Maine sometime. I love it, too, but ask me again in February!

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