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That is a tragedy! I don't use my dough hook nearly often enough. Your beautiful breads have me inspired to do some baking. I'll bet your home smells wonderful with all that bread coming from the oven!

oh i am so sorry about your dough hook. that would be a tragedy in any kitchenaid house no matter how much bread you made. the bread you made looks amazing. those bagels are making my mouth water a little

tragedy is right. I just bought the BBA after reading your posts on it- today I made annadama bread- yummy- but I am driving my family crazy with all my bread talk- as if the sewing wasn't enough......LOL

Tragedy! I make bread all the time, but not like those baguettes! Will you post a tute or recipe?

Hi Wendy,
I'd love to share the recipe, but I didn't make it up. It's from Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice. It's a gorgeous cookbook with lots of yummy bread recipes. Well worth the purchase. I made the baguettes in the photo with the "Pain a l'Ancienne" recipe. I pretty much follow it to a T. My variations are that I make 3 larger baguettes instead of the 6 called for in the recipe. (I still use the same amount of dough, though.) The bread is delicious either way, but if I want it to look pretty, I use French Bread pans. I fear that a true French baker wouldn't need to bother with such things, but the dough is so wet that it spreads quickly and turns into more of a ciabatta-style loaf before I know it. I also don't spray the sides of the oven. My kids tried to use my spray bottle as a squirt gun, so now it doesn't work anymore. Seems to work fine without. Happy baking!

Wow, those Marble Rye bread looks fabulous. I love wheat bread, it's my everyday bread of choice simply because its healthier. But seeing this, I think I'll try making some for myself. It looks good on cream soup and orange juice.

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