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I like this idea. I have a vegan cookbook that has just been sitting in my cookbook cabinet. So if I'm not keen on whatever it is you're making, I'll pick something out of there.

I'll warn you, I'm pretty bad about sticking to this kind of stuff.

Thanks for commenting, Kristan. Sounds like a good plan - yes I'm definitely not expecting everyone to make what I make. I'll just offer up a recipe or theme in case you're looking for inspiration, but it will be even better if we can all share recipes and ideas.

What Vegan cookbook to you have? I've been coveting "Veganomicon".

I'm not so good about sticking to these kinds of things myself - especially when it comes to cooking. My hope is that if I publicize it, I'll feel a little more obligated to keep up with it.

I hope I can stick with it too. And to do so I will be blogging about your challenge.

My cookbook is "Eat, Drink & Be Vegan" from Dreena Burton. I was really excited when I got it last year, but only ended up making one thing! Thanks for the motivation to dive back in.

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