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I agree with what you said about wanting to follow inspiration when it strikes. I have my best inspiration when I am SUPPOSED to be working on something else! Not sure I would love a bee and working with other fabrics for others, when I have so many projects of my own! Also, what if my stuff sucks compared to theirs, and I let people down? Or, what if they take my favorite fabrics and I don't like what THEY do with it? I think I am too much of a control freak for a bee right now...am wading into swaps first and seeing how that goes. Not sure either how to translate it into a clothing bee.... As for the 365 project, that seems really cool! But I am going to enter 2011 as commitment free as possible, and just try to tackle a few things on my own personal wish list!

Thanks for the giveaway!

I was going to reply before I even saw there was a giveaway!

So I'm not doing any bees next year either. Like you, it was fun, but I'm done! I really like the idea of the 365 project. I will make my usual yearly goal of stitching something every day (which never lasts more than a few weeks, but I give it a darn good try!) and maybe I could incorporate the 365 project into that. Like maybe take a photo of what I stitch every day??

I'm glad you like the trim - let me know if you want any more - seriously, because I got a HUGE roll of it from a thrift store, and when I say huge, I'm talking about at least a thousand yards. More than I will ever be able to use in my whole lifetime. I could just cut some off and pop it in an envelope and into the post. I know that you make a ton of clothes for your little girl and would put it to good use!

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