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I am inspired! I took down that same kind of white shelving from my kitchen and while it sits in the garage, I've been trying to decide what do do with it. And here on your blog is the answer! I'm so excited! Now also, what is that fabulous black/white patterned treatment on the bookcase? I am in love with it! Your room looks fantastic - just the perfect place to create. And lastly, congrats on 100 posts!

I was cleaning my craft room today as well! Though an outsider may not exactly recognize mine as "clean"...it's all realtive, right? I will call it and improvement from "utter chaos" to "organized mess."

Happy 100th :-)

Congratulations on 100 posts! You have soo many pretty things in your craft room, and it's so bright and cheery! I love seeing other people's craft rooms.

Thanks, Rissa. I keep thinking, Ill paint it some other color, but youre right it is bright and cheery.

Thanks, Kristie. And I love your ideas for the Sherbet Pips. Youve definitely convinced me to add some solids.

Thanks, Joanna. Im glad you were inspired to do the shelves. They work great. I do wish that I had skipped the top shelf though. Its really too high for me to reach easily, and I could have used the space to hang more pictures. The good side of it is that I can put junk up there that I know I wont use for a while but cant bear to part with yet - like yarn. I wish I could say I had done the black shelves myself, but they actually came that way from Ikea. I bought them a few years ago. Theyre the Billy bookcases. I dont know if they still have them, but did you know theres an Ikea now in Stoughton, MA? Makes a good day trip.

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