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Thanks for the lovely giveaway, both prizes are equally awesome!

Love to see another Mainer! Love the giveaway. You would not even have to mail I could pick it up. Thank you!

With exercise - I say to myself - don't even think about it! I get changed into my gym gear in the morning even if the exercise is planned later in the day - that way I will feel silly walking around in gym stuff all day if I don't actually do the workout.

Great giveaway. Your pillow is gorgeous but my eye is on the fabric. Need to stash up as I am only a beginner.

What motivates me to get things done? Usually the looming deadline. Exercise? The dogs looking at me expectantly whatever the weather.

Both prizes are gorgeous.

I organise to meet friends and then rush around finishing things before I leave to meet them. Usually run late.

The pillow is gorgeous and would look fantastic on my reading chair. Thanks for the give away.

oh your tree cushion cover is beautiful. I do love trees - that's just lovely.

Heather Ross Macaroni Love Story is my favourite! To motivate me I like to clean up my space and organise all my fabric before starting a new project. It help me to have new idea!

Beautiful pillow. What gets me going is pulling from mystash and picking color combinations

I am a list maker and there is nothing more motivating to me than having a list that has been completely checked off... so, I make lists for EVERYTHING and find my motivation growing with each item that is marked off. Silly, yes. But, it works for me!
I love the pillow case, but I love the fabric even more... gotta love stash-building!

Thanks for the giveaway. I set the timer for a small amount of time, usually 10 minutes. I tell myself I can do any chore for 10 minutes, and it's amazing how much cleaning you can get done in 10 minute chunks if you focus.

The pillow case and fabric are fabulous! Thanks for the great giveaway! I motivate myself by not overwhelming myself. I chose 5 things to do for the day. If I get more done it is a bonus!

Hello, I bribe myself. I tell myself that if I clean the bathroom, then I get to sew. If I don't clean it, I can't sew. It doesn't always work as sometimes I just sit on the sofa instead! I'd like to win the fabric.

Love, love that pillow! Beautiful. And those fabrics are amazing too!
I use lists for just about everything. It helps seeing what I have to do, and what I've already done after it's crossed off. :)

Wow, what a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance. I would be happy {!!!} with either prize.

I'm not very good at motivating myself to do things that I don't like to do. Usually, I tell myself that if I get it done, I don't have to do anything else...and then pray that the motivation lingers and I really do get more done. :)

I love the pillow and the fabric. And I find that bribing myself works good for motivation :)

Great giveaway! I would love the fabric if I win!

It's easy to convince myself to get up and go (to work, clean, anything really) right now, because in less than 5 months I'll have a baby and won't have the time/energy to do a whole lot.

This is a great question - I usually 'promise' myself something I want to do right after the awful task (cleaning the bathroom?) is over! The pillow is awesome!

The pillow is lovely, but I'd really like the fabric :)

As for motivating myself, I try to have lots of options, then if I'm having a day where I don't feel like house work I can sew and still feel like I've accomplished something and vice versa :)

Your pillow is gorgeous, but I'd like to make one of my own with the fabrics and your tutorial.
As to what motivates me, at the moment I have lovely nesting/pregnancy hormones driving me to dust everything that doesn't stand still!lol. Usually I try to " reward myself" by setting goals for the day on a list, crossing them off and then settling down with either my sewing machine or knitting . Somehow the list works for me. Thankyou for the giveaway!

I have admired your tree in the past. (Wasn't it featured at SMS during pillow week?) So pretty! I'd be happy to win either one but maybe lean slightly toward the beautiful fabric?


great pillow and fabrics :)

Sometimes I come up with rewards for myself- if I get something done, then I get to do something I want to do :)

odebt at yahoo dot com

Love the tree pillow and lovely fabrics. Thanks!

I love your pillow! The fabric is lovely too. I think it's awesome that you supplied a tutorial for the pillow. To motivate myself, I will reward myself with something; fabric, ice cream...whatever takes my fancy at the time that doesn't cost much!

The pillow is beautiful, but I'd LOVE to win the fabric! I always try to get the yucky chores out of the way before I can play... that way I can really relax. I guess that would be my motivation... relaxation! footprint13@gmail.com

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