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1) Yes pumpkin is universal for squash there, but they do know the types, eg butternut etc. And we eat pumpkin A LOT! Best is roasted, like potatoes!

2) Yes that's a traditional Brisbane home, and it's called a Queenslander! Usually will have a nice big verandah and up on stilts. It helps keep the house cool since it gets so icky and hot in the summer.

3) Tucka would be a good name for a restaurant since tucka is what you call food - eg That was some good tucka you made Mum, or, come and get your tucka!

4) Good job saying prawns! I keep telling people that Australians don't actually say, "Put another shrimp on the barbie", because they call them prawns, not shrimp!

Thanks for blogging about it - even though I have some bad memories of the place (I went through a divorce there!) I also have some great memories of my 2 years there, and it really is a beautiful city!

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