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I also force myself to walk away and take time off from sewing when I get discouraged. I can't do it for too long though, because then all the projects and ideas that my head is teeming with become overwhelming! I also spend time reading through various blogs and such when I'm a bit frustrated and need some cheering up or inspiration. Does the trick almost every time!

I had a sewing project like that this week, where I was just discouraged by an ill-fitting product. And had the same thoughts as you: in the larger scheme of things, it's really not that a big of a deal! But funny how the nagging feeling still stays with us:)
I have that second book you sewed from - and now am inspired to try that reversible skirt. Adorable fabrics! You amaze me with your productivity level, and I'm so grateful you take the time to share with us!

It looks absolutely beautiful. I really love your work!

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