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this series is SOOO helpful! I bought my first japanese sewing book for my daughter several months ago and was just trying to psych myself up to try it out. I just stumbled on your blog from the O&S flickr group - this will be a HUGE help! I feel equipped to jump in now! Thank you so much!

Hi Karmela,
Im so glad you think it will be helpful! You should totally try it. Id love to see what you make. Which book did you buy?|

Hello. I can read Japanese, and pretty much everything you wrote is a spot-on translation of the written instructions. Mind you, Japanese sewing vocabulary is almost as arcane as its English equivalent, so as a new sewer, I'm having to learn lots in both languages at the same time. I've used Japanese sewing books for little things like bags and drink bottle covers and it was lots of fun. I bought a lovely Japanese girl's clothes pattern book on my last trip ten months ago and just rediscovered it on the bookshelf last night, so I think finding this blog post has been fate and I shall have to actually make something from it now before my daughter gets too big to fit into them. Thanks for all the tips and I look forward to checking out more of your blog.

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