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Ooh exciting!! Can't wait to see what you make from this new batch! Funny about reading pattern books before bed. I do that too! Or gaze at fabric swatches online.. It really is a bit of an addiction, isn't it..?

Ah yes, I remember those days -- Amazon Japan is awesome. And I see you figured out that 5 or more books makes the shipping just, almost, worthwhile. Enjoy!

Can I just tell you how jealous I am of your recent purchase? But happy for you:) You can make the rest of us feel better by sharing the creations you make from them. And I'm the same way - reading my Japanese sewing books in bed instead the usual novel. Only problem is they get my mind whirring and I have a harder time falling asleep!

Oh that was kind of rude, wasnt it? I would have been insanely jealous if Id seen this on someone elses blog. I know because Ive been insanely jealous about other peoples purchases - namely fabric ones. I totally know what you mean about getting your mind whirring!

That was quite by accident. A little tiny part of me is already kicking myself for not buying more if I was going to pay all that in shipping anyway. A trip to Kinokuniya in San Francisco might be cheaper at the rate Im going.

Oh my God, yes, its totally an addiction. Im already addicted enough to buying fabric and patterns. I could totally get into having a nice package waiting for me every day after work. Almost makes me want to order some fabric one fat quarter at a time. If only shipping were always free.

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