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Can I join you? I have way too much fabric, and it's not even all pretty! I think I need to avoid fabric shops until it's a more manageable size... like until it fits into the 3 fabric boxes it's supposed to...

I will applaud your efforts and support you all the way through your (mini) stash. I gave up buying any new fabrics for Lent. My husband just about choked on his breakfast when I told him. :D So far I am holding strong. Just keep me away from pattern book shopping, though. But I figured fabrics would be tough enough. I am only human...Happy sewing!!

I would love to join you! I have fabric coming out my ears....shelves full bags full boxes full. Most are more scrap like, smaller yardages but definitely okay since I mostly plan for sewing for my sons and making some gifts for friend's babies. I was actually just looking at your picture and thinking hmmm maybe I should try this with bigger yardages...Do you celebrate Easter? My family doesn't much but I was thinking of making the boys some Easter outfits as a picture opportunity celebration chance and maybe inspiration to get some stash busting done :)
Good Luck Dear!

I am doing a challenge of sorts myself too - no fabric shopping for 8 weeks! Then I get a little snack, and it is back on the "diet" for another 4 weeks. I always end up spending my fabric allowance months in advance and I need to catch up before this year gets totally out of control like last year. It has been a rough 13 days so far but I can do it!! :)

Great challence - looking forward to seeing what you make out of this stack!

I've been trying to pare down my stash so it will fit neatly on my fabric shelves (instead of overflowing and in bins, too). My goal is to use twice as much as I buy this year. This is not going to be easy, I think!

I love what is there in your stash, whatever you make will be gorgeous (I've sewn something in fabric like that gingham recently and lisette lawn is waiting until I've done a muslin of the souvenir top - don't even have the pattern yet though!).

I have been trying to restrain myself from fabric buying too, but then I pop off to the fabric shop for a notion or something and wind up with more yardage.............

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