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Love the embroidery and stitching. I have this dress traced, ready to cut in corduroy, just having trouble finding a facing fabric I like. Ah Portlandia, making me question if I am a hipster doofus whenever I think of putting a bird on it.

Wow! Words escape me.
For someone who doesn't do much embroidery as you mentioned, your stitching is exquisite. The detail on the hem, around the neck, even your choice of fabric .... the whole dress is a work of art. You've made a treasured heirloom for sure.

Love it!

That embroidery just makes the outfit! On the pocket, along the neckline and hem . . .so perfect! This dress will certainly become an heirloom item, and I think grey is a wonderful choice of color:)

You have done a great job. Love the simplicity and the beautiful hand stitching. I found another site (perhaps you have already found it) that focuses solely on Japanese sewing:
and it's in English. Fun and educational. Have a great week!

Love it!

Great job on this dress. I just saw it on Flickr and had to come and see it in a little more detail.

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