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Very cute! I like the waistband of the skirt matching the shirt, it's a very nice detail. Thanks for writing about Kaffe Fasset shot cotton....this just showed up on my radar this week and I wasn't sure how well it would work with apparel but sounds like its great. Thanks again for posting!

Cue the theme from Twilight Zone. I bought the same fabric from the same store in Toronto.(I used to live there...and near the fabric district too!) L.A. Fabrics was the shop and I bought mine, probably from the same bolt over 6 years ago. And like you, wondered if it was truly a Liberty print. But what the heck I thought, it's just too pretty whether it's Liberty or not. Meanwhile, I pull it out from my stash on a regular basis wondering what it would look made up as...a shirt, a dress?
Your choice as a blouse it absolutely lovely. Simply lovely!
Oh and for what it's worth, I was in the store last week and they still have that fabric on sale for $12!!

You, my dear, are my kids clothing hero!!!! I've been out of the loop for awhile and am just catching up on all your projects, lovely! Seeing as I don't have any little ones anymore, I hunkered down on a quilting project.

I think since I last chimed in you have been to San Francisco and New York.... I wish I had caught that, as I have lived in both places. I'm headed to San Diego next week, a place I have visited several times but this time I will have time to tool around and SHOP.... any ideas?

Wow... this was long, guess I should have emailed you... ;)))


BTW--- do you EVER sleep?!?!?!? ;))))

Too funny that we bought the same fabric from the same place. I dont remember the name, but its got to be the same place. After working with the fabric, I do think it was really nice quality - Liberty or no. I have quite a bit left - Im hoping to squeeze out a Citronille top from the rest. Id love to see what you make!

Thanks, Cherie. Definitely try out the shot cotton. Its very lightweight - so I actually tore the first thing I made with that (seehttp://adelaidelemonade.typepad.com/adelaide-lemonade/2012/02/discouraged-for-a-minute.html). Ever since Ive been more careful, and everything Ive made has held up pretty well. I love all the prints available in regular quilting cotton, but in my opinion, its a little stiff for clothing. The shot cotton is perfect.

Love this shirt!

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