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What a beautiful outfit! Perfect for a day at the beach. You had me in stitches as I had a very similar conversation today with my almost 4 year old daughter.

I'm a complete sucker for sailor suits!! LOVE IT! I especially love the details: the ribbon strips, the hand embroidery, the LIBERTY! Everything about it is absolutely wonderful!

Oh - I meant to ask, could you please explain why double gauze would hold up better than shot cotton? I've never sewn with either.

What a sweet outfit! I wondered what you used for the white fabric. It doesn't show the navy blue blouse underneath while it is tucked in. Sometimes I shy away from white because of the see through factor. Perhaps they are lined? Everything turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Nelissa,
I just bought white fabric from the bottomweights section at my local Jo-Ann. I think its like 97% cotton and 3% lycra. Its pretty heavy weight, but I noticed that Addies Hello Kitty undies were still showing through a bit - but only if I really looked. The sailboat pants have a bit of facing in the front which is probably why the navy isnt showing through too much. And honestly, I could really barely keep the shirt tucked in - so there probably wasnt too much toshow.
Thanks for the compliments!

Hi Jo,
Thats a tough one. Obviously the best thing to do is feel the fabric and see what you think, but if youre not blessed with great fabric stores nearby, that can be tough. The Shot Cotton is gorgeous but pretty lightweight and delicate - kind of like a lawn but probably a bit less tightly woven. I like it WAY better than the Kona cotton for sewing clothes. While the Kona seems stiff and sticky-out-y, the Shot Cotton is light enough that it just falls nicely. BUT its also very easy to tear because its just not as thick. Double gauze is like a different fabric entirely. I believe its made by sort of tacking two layers of gauze together. The gauze is quite loosely woven - you can actually see the individual threads. It has a lot more
give - almost like a knit. Its very soft and comfortable. It can be a little more difficult to work with than the Shot Cotton because its a bit more wiggly and unravel-y. Its not as likely to tear as the shot cotton, but it is harder to rip out stitches because it can be easy to pull out the individual threads of the fabric by accident instead of your stitching threads. If you were going to buy just one or the other, I would start with some shot cotton because its generally less expensive, and its a very summer-y fabric (I guess, that is, if its summer where you are). The double-gauze is more expensive and could be used for summer OR winter clothes.

I hope that helps!

Thanks, Lisa. Im so glad to hear that Im not the only one!

Oh! Oh! This is such a beautiful outfit! I love crisp, clean lines and this outfit has it all! The handstitching along the collar is what got my attention at first (great tip on using the topstitching as a guide!), and then the Liberty detail along the collar sealed the deal. Perfection! I truly hope your daughter will get some use of it this fall for school . . . it's simply too beautiful to be relegated to the "never worn" pile. And those pants! So perfect with it! Haven't bought that pattern yet but you are showing me I may need to reconsider:) Thanks for sharing this outfit! And thanks to Addie for all her "willing" modeling :) (that last shot is really quite beautiful - the shoot was worth it for that one alone!)

Love, love this! Especially with the embroidered collar. I hope she realizes how cute it is and gets some wear out of it (:

You know, even if you didn’t mention “sailor,” I would still realize it. :) You modified the uniform into a little girl’s dress, but maintain its sailor appeal. In time, Addie will realize, such fine clothes you made for her. Maybe she’s just not yet comfortable with the idea of clothes made within the house. How was the dress in the Kid’s Clothing Challenge Week?

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