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i think you did a mighty fine job getting thru that pile of fabrics! i need to set a similar challenge for myself i think...especially the no buying fabric until i do bit. (although i fear a splurge would be the end results!)
i don't sew children's clothing...but ive seen a number of etsy/maybe ebay? shops selling items that were previously worn...definitely a viable option i think.
i love Hope Valley! would love to add this to my stash!

oh hell no! i'm keeping all my handmades (and I knit too, so it will be a substantial amount) and mandating that all grandchildren wear them.

Wow! I think you did an amazing job with your self-imposed challege. I'm considering doing the same (I need to as storage space is becoming scarse) but I'm quite sure I wouldn't have the same willing power.
Thank you for the inspiration :)

Your Addy always makes me laugh! Love the jacket too and must have another look at the Figgy patterns - just what I need. My daughters clothes are all being kept for grandkids too as I spent so much of my limited time sewing them.

I've just been saving outgrown clothes in a tote. Not the best solution, but I don't have the heart to get rid of the clothes I've poured my love and time into. I love the fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

Oh no way I would consider selling the clothes I've made! I just think how much i would love having my own baby clothes to dress my kids in! I would say that the clothes I've made are among my most prized posessions. For now, her clothes are being handed down to my neices. Once they are done with them I'll store them until its time to use them again!
Nice job on finishing up your stack. I kidded myself into thinking I could avoid buying anything...but I am trying to use up what I have.

You did an amazing job! I have pipe dreams of my daughter wanting her daughter (if she even has a daughter, and it better be a loooong time from now) to wear the clothes I've made. Who knows. The online yard sale is a new idea though.

Adorable coat! And way impressive with reducing your stash! I'm so hesitant to make clothes for my son - I made him some adorable pj's and he never wants to wear them! :( I think selling them online is a good idea, they'll be appreciated and people will be impressed with the skill and quality of homemade clothes!

Wow, that coat turned out beautifully! Way to go, Katie ~ on that and also the stack reduction. I think artists like you should save at least your faves for the next generation (with maybe a detour to closets of brother's future kids along the way).

I have three girls, so I just make stuff for the oldest one and then pass it down to the youngest :) Hopefully i have one more girl, so after her it won't be sad to just donate whatever survived all of them :)

The coat looks great! And it's nice that you'll be able to (hopefully!) get more than one season's wear out of it.

I save some of the clothing I've sewn. They tend to be the ones that I'm especially proud of and/or took me a lot of time and effort to make. Most of the everyday clothing is worn out before it's outgrown. The pieces that aren't are passed on to our neighbor's granddaughter. Though, I did sell a few things at a consignment sale last month.

I am equally tormented. I know that my sister-in-law would like some of my handmades. And some, like the smocked dresses, I'll probably save for my grandchildren. But everything else? I don't know. Maybe I'll consign some of it. (If you do decide to sell any of yours, then I want to give notice to all you other commenters: I'm buying the sailor suit!!)

I'll probably hang on to a few favorites, but the rest...I don't know. All my siblings are young and w/o kids, but if they do produce some little nieces and nephews one day, I suppose I'll hand the homemade goods down to (force the homemade goods upon?) them.

I've only made a few things for my daughter. Wish I had more time! Right now I'm holding on to everything in case I have another baby girl down the line. I don't think I'd cut up something I'd made previously just for the fabric.

Children dressed like an adult is the most adorable you could do to your children. A nice photo of hers would complete her childhood.

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