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Great blog, Katie! It is a pretty cool market, isn't it? I was a bit disappointed that some of my favorite vendors from years past weren't there to show you, but since some of them don't go every week, I guess we'll just have to go back again! Would be great to do it when they're having the open studios at the same time (I still think there are 1-2 Sundays a year when they do this).
Do you remember where you got that beautiful coral/orangey print fabric that you used to back one of my (pinwheel) pillows? The one with the peacocks and some great shade of turquoise? I think it shows up on your blog, too. I'd love to get some of this.

The Sowa market looks awesome. Next time I visit I'm checking out these shopping malls in Boston. How long have they been doing this? And how did it start?

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