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Oh, I am totally bicraftual:) I have made the tiny tea leaves for my daughters, but find it boring to knit. I made myself the golden wheat cardi and totally loved that....and I think it is a pattern that goes great with bulkier yarn and looks great on everyone. Maybe check that one out? I like the portability of knitting...it does take forever, but love that I can do it while out for coffee with friends or watching tv. Both sewing and knitting are good! And I can totally lost hours of my life on Ravelry!

they all look fabulous, but the Vinelle really stands out!

I'm a knitter only and first off the hat is gorgeous and the photos are gorgeous. I vote for Vinelle too. And I totally know what you mean by Ravelry paralysis. But for me the browsing is part of the fun so I try and enjoy it. The perfect pattern will appear and you'll know. Or something like that.

I'm so happy you put a pic of yourself on your blog -- love it! I've been reading for a long time, so nice to see a (not at all scary) face... I've never knitted anything more than scarves, so no, don't consider myself a knitter. As much as I've been tempted to do more in that vein, I've really tried to keep myself focused on the sewing. Between that, cooking, and blogging (and my poor abandoned guitar), I just can't let myself knit! :) But if I were choosing a pattern, I'd go with the Vinelle...

You look wonderful!!! I so enjoy reading your blog-you are talented AND entertaining!!!

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